Ubund is a FinTech startup that helps consumers reduce their accumulated debt and the monthly bills. We are a portfolio company of the Private Equity firm TGA Capital. We are like Amazon for financial products, Groupon for Finance, and Wikipedia for Consumer Finance problems.

Ubund is a collaboration platform for payments and liabilities reduction between companies and consumers. The start-up is being created following a noble pursuit and passion for helping the millions of consumers in need to get out of the financial downward spiral!

In an economy where the wealth disparity is getting bigger and bigger, millions of consumers are living pay check to pay check and are getting over-burdened with debt and bills which they cannot get out of on their own. This affects their professional and personal life dramatically and long-term. 

In our company, we are creating a platform for global reduction of consumer debt/bills where consumers and companies can interact to the benefits of both parties. Consumers are able to restructure or reduce their consumer debt / bills and on the other side businesses are able to retain customers and get financing to fuel their growth.

Ubund offers also an education section which help users get help from other users and from financial experts on issue related to 4 topics: Debt, Saving, Invest, and Taxes.


This is a great internship opportunity for an ambitious, driven and entrepreneurial student with internet marketing and writing skills to develop further their Growth Marketing expertise of growing startups from the ground-up. The intern will get hands on experience in digital marketing, public relations, blogging, copy writing and customer acquisition. During this internship the intern will develop strong communication skills and understand the methodologies of customer acquisition in the tech space.

It is extremely good opportunity for the intern who wants to experience growth from 0 to 1 in a new startup! The intern can telecommute if needed and can have flexible work schedule, can distribute the work based on their own schedule and time availability.


The intern will be responsible for driving Growth and Customer/User Acquisition through developing communication campaigns for the business, researching and creating relevant content for content marketing, bringing it vanguards and opinion leaders to the platform, writing blog posts, creating videos and other content with the goal of developing traffic to the website, promoting the mission of the company and acquiring new customers/users.


The intern needs to have strong communication and writing skills. It will be helpful if he/she can demonstrate prior work in Growth, marketing communications, public relations, copy writing, PR and content development strategies. Experience in online marketing and customer acquisition will be a plus. Has to have a strong drive for success and perseverance against hindrances. Has to be able to work independently and remotely, if needed. Has to show initiative as there will be plenty of empowering moments to propose and implement his/her own ideas.

Location: San Francisco, California
Duration: 12 months
Stipend: $2,100 per month

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