We started Rip Van out of a college dorm room at Brown University. Our first product, Rip Van Wafels is available in 12,000 Starbucks locations nationwide and has become Silicon Valley’s #1 snack. The company has grown by +500% in the last three years, has made both the Inc & Forbes 30 under 30 lists, won numerous business awards and has been featured in publications such as, Tech Crunch, Entrepreneur and Bon a Petit.


Rip Van” is a metaphor for change and was inspired by the story of Rip Van Winkle who woke up to a changed world.

We believe people deserve better. Better means change and our company exists to create that change by inventing better convenient products that are uniquely delicious, healthier and beautifully designed, because convenience is necessary in today’s fast paced world.

The inspiration behind our first product, Rip Van Wafels, was to bring Americans a better indulgent snack, considering the unoriginal and unhealthy options out there. The idea was to create a different snack that has the indulgent taste of a candy bar with the sugar levels of a health bar.

We saw the Dutch “stroopwafel” as the perfect snack to re-invent. It is arguably one of the best tasting treats in the world but like most treats is loaded with sugar, made with poor ingredients and hasn’t changed in the last 200 years.

Since change is a continuous process, as a company we’re committed to continuously improving our products and launching these improvements every 2 years. So far we’ve launched 3 Rip Van Wafel iterations, reducing sugar levels from 14 to 8-9 grams while improving our ingredient quality and perfecting our signature crispy and chewy texture with preservative free 12 month shelf life:


You are looking to be part of a entrepreneurial venture that is innovative, fast paced and incredibly challenging so that you can build your skill set in project management, sales and marketing verticals and whilst operating in a dynamic startup environment. You have a type A personality and are relentless when it comes to your work ethic. You are incredibly hungry to grow professionally, meaning that you’re eagerto build the valuable skill set to succeed in business development.

At Rip Van we’re deeply passionate improving people’s lives through the products we make. Since this requires us to work incredibly hard and challenge the status quo we’ve created a culture based on a set of values that embraces and encourages change and constant evolution. Our culture is unconventional and attracts a particular type of individual. One that has a beginner’s mindset, takes ownership, embodies an egoless and meritocratic approach and strives for excellence. We know our culture isn’t for everyone and considering company culture is the life force of an organization, if what you’re reading doesn’t resonate with you we’d appreciate it if you don’t apply for this position.


  • People Not Robots - We have self-respect and respect others so that we can live and work in harmony.

  • Is it True - We deeply understand accept and work with reality to achieve our goals

  • Default to Jordan - We commit ourselves to the highest bar of excellence, don’t tolerate mediocrity

  • Leverage the Melon- We focus on the key drivers (the 20%) that are responsible for 80% of the output. We build systems to create leverage so that we increase the ROI on our time spent.

  • Day 1- We make decisions quickly - when you have 70% of the info. If there is a bottleneck we work urgently to address it so we can expedite the decision.

  • Nigiri - We organize what we say in a clear, concise and logical manner and involve the appropriate people.

  • Build strong relationships with our customer sales team reps

  • Identifying sales opportunities within our existing customers and executing on promotional efforts to close these opportunities

  • Provide customers with a monthly cadence of promotional materials

  • Track progress vs. goals of sales opportunities


  • Work closely with internal teams on strategy and execution of projects with in sales, operations, finance, R&D and marketing verticals

  • Setting up and maintaining customer relationships over phone & via email

  • Delivering top notch customer service and recording/communicating performance data

  • Using project management and CRM tools


  • Strong organizational & time management skills with great attention to detail

  • Excellent phone presence, verbal & written communication skills

  • Good at prioritizing tasks quickly and involve additional resources as needed

  • Critical thinker - understands and evaluates how things are put together rather taking instructions as given so that you can do beyond what is being asked.

  • Courageous - will speak their mind, take responsibility and be accountable

  • Technology savvy - quick to learn new technological systems

  • Self-starter mentality, proactive attitude and self-improver - driven to exceed expectations and become a key contributor

  • Positive attitude and high energy help embrace failure as a learning opportunities

Duration: 12 months
Stipend: $1,500/month
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