Roles and Responsibilities

IT Admin Assistant (Internship)

  • Conduct IT support for employees with the company
  • Conduct network troubleshooting to segregate and identify general network problems.
  • Manage, maintain and update all software used within the company
  • Manage, maintain and update onsite and remote site computers, servers, copiers, printers and fax machines.
  • Maintain all local software and hardware licensing to ensure conformance.
  • Maintain server, upgrade, secure, system backups and disaster recovery preparation.
  • Support implementation and planning of deletions, additions and major changes to support regional infrastructure.
  • Recommend software and hardware solutions comprising of upgrades and new acquisitions.
  • Install software, maintain and introduce training as needed.
  • Maintain and secure passwords, file system security and data integrity for desktop environment.
  • Maintain and update documentation of procedures and configurations.
  • Manage inventory of hardware, software and other IT items.
  • Inform senior staff about industry innovations and recommend relevant upgrades.

Duration: 12 months

Stipend: $2,000/month + 500€ discount off the program fee

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