The Presentation Excellence Group has been sponsoring internships for over 25 years, serving over 500 interns from high schools, college and graduate schools, in the US and international. We seek people who are smart, creative, excellent communicators and, most important, are self-starters - ready to finish projects quickly so they can move on to the next one.

Our group focuses on serving leaders, often CEOs and business owners of companies, who want to achieve greater success. For that reason we’re always engaged in business development: marketing, sales and program creation. You will work on one major project most of the time, with some time updating our database so we can reach the right people for our messages. Students learn by doing and through osmosis - watching and hearing about other projects under way.  The internship experience is rich and rewarding.

The group represents a number of different brand/services including:

  • presentation training and coaching services

  • (which is part of the leading CEO membership organization serving 16,000 members in the 15 countries). We provide business owners/CEOs with leader development services and are actively recruiting new members for our CEO group, Trusted Advisors Group. We’re also trying to get our first client for Vistage Inside, a new service for the executive team of a company

  •; we’re offering leaders the opportunity to use this management tool which helps companies increase alignment and performance. We’re offering it and Vistage Inside to the same customers

Duration: 12 months

Stipend: $1,000/month

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