Financial Advisor looking for a motivated, professional, administrative/personal assistant. The benefit to you will entail learning about the career of a financial advisor, sales skills, and how to run your own business (by watching me) that help one reach high levels of success.

Job duties will include:
  • Running investment performance reports and life insurance illustrations
  • Learning how to use investment review systems like "Morningstar Investment Services"
  • Keeping track of paperwork and compliance guidelines required
  • Paperwork, filing, helping with organization and overall cleanliness
  • Helping me maximize "revenue produce activities" by running errands, helping me with personal things like grabbing coffee or lunch.
  • Following up on life insurance cases and keeping on top of incoming and outgoing money
  • Helping provide me with new ideas to get more clients, get more referrals, and make more money

I specifically need someone who:

  1. Is organized, neat, and follows directions well
  2. Is happy and willing to do administrative tasks which will sometimes include running errands or getting coffee
  3. Pays close attention to detail and is good at filing and paperwork
  4. Is punctual, reliable, and trustworthy
Location: Manhattan, New York
Duration: 12 months
Stipend: $2,000 per month
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