Optimera’s publishing technology creates revenue optimizations exclusively for publishers. Built by publishers for publishers, Optimera was incubated by our founder at the Daily News Innovation Lab initially to solve for viewability. Optimera offers publishers a way to easily automate ad operation work that is normally a heavy manual burden with low success results. 

With a focus on making data actionable and profitable, Optimera continues to build a brand exclusively for publishers that monetizes and prioritizes their inventory as efficiently as possible. Building on its core viewability solution, Optimera also provides automated solutions for video, mobile, native and content and has a predictive solution: Real Time Redesign.

Optimera’s clients include: AdWeek, Tribune, McClatchy, Bustle, LoveToKnow, Q Digital Tampa Bay Times, She Media, US News & World Report, and is rapidly growing.

Optimera solves inefficiencies for publishers so that they can focus on their core strengths: creating great content and user experiences. The result: lean team compositions, high ad revenue, and keeping publishers on the leading edge of related technology.

Client Success Manager
Optimera creates revenue optimization opportunities for clients. In order for publishers to realize maximum value, Optimera has created the Client Success role.  

Ideal qualifications:
Digital media, digital advertising. Terms that we say and hear every day: GAM, CPM, AdX, SSP, DSP, DMP, Programmatic, open exchange. 


  • Develop meaningful and lasting relationships with Optimera’s publishing clients
  • Analyze GAM data to identify and communicate optimizations tactics to publishers
  • Reinforce the Optimera use cases and benefits to current clients
  • Create success metrics
  • Interact with Tech/Sales/Marketing to develop client facing presentations that demonstrate success

Desired skills and qualifications:

  • Fluency in GAM
  • Client service/success experience and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction derived from providing this service
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly written, is essential
  • Iterate and progress current client success process; identify problems, propose solutions
  • Ability to draw clear and simple proof points from complex data
  • Create timelines and ensure that co-workers meet deadlines
  • Quick and intelligent responses to client requests
  • Notice, troubleshoot and solve issues quickly
  • Connect client pain points to inform product development and messaging
  • Facility with Excel/Google sheets
Optimera is a customer centric, early stage environment. The ideal candidate will have an interest in and willingness to shift responsibilities and make contributions toward a shared, desired outcome. Join us now and make a contribution to the growth and direction of our company while making an impact on the digital publishing ecosystem.

Location: Manhattan, New York
Duration: 12 - 18 months
Stipend: $2,100 - $2,600 per month
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