Manage the Initial Intake of Documents & Setting Up Workflow

  1. Download and print documents from clients uploading to our server
  2. Scan and print documents from clients dropping off in our offices/mailing
  3. Make sure documents are saved in our proprietary database
  4. Create an electronic ticket in our workflow software

·  Assist in Managing Assigning Work to Team Members

  1. Insuring we received a complete set of documents from clients to assign work to staff members
  2. Following up with clients to ask for missing information
  3. With assistance from management,  managing queues of different team members and making sure work is done/reassigned to balance workflow

·  Efiling & Printing

  1. Once returns are complete and clients approve- insuring returns are saved in our work flow software
  2. Printing of efiling authorizations are printed
  3. Efiling of returns
  4. Post-Efiling--Checking on efiling to insure no errors with efiling and if there are following up with team members to clear and re-efile

·  Efiling of Extensions and Miscellaneous Tax Forms

  1. Efiling of approximately 700-1,000 various extensions
  2. Efiling of miscellaneous tax forms such as it-204-ll and Delaware Franchise Returns

Duration: 12 months

Stipend: $1,000/month

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